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    2. The biggest community in Ontario. Three branded builder stores. One amazing retail experience.
      Industry first home reservation system.
      Condos at Fairview. Cool, calm and connected. Put a little Soul in your life.
      Siteplan table with integrated lighting system.
      The GTA's last great master-planned waterfront community.
      Sean. Barrie's hottest selling community.
    3. Say hello to our green wall in Stoney Creek.
      45 acre forest. 7 acre park. 1 incredible brand.
      Indulge in the suite life at Perspective Condos.
      London's most experiential lifestyle destination.
      Putting communities and towns on the map since 2000.
      Video wall
      + lighting
      + touch control
      = Next level
      topo table.

    People say BAM is a tough place to work. They’d be right. When you drive and manage more of a builder’s business than any other agency, yeah, there’s going to be some friction. But that’s ok. No pain, no gain.
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    Get your playlist ready. We need an architect. A linguist of code. Ready to help us create amazing online and interactive experiences.

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    Like Neo in the Matrix, you not only see the design, but the code behind it. Show us what you got. Take the red pill


    BAM at The Bild Awards

    BAM Bild Awards

    Last week, the BAM team was dressed to the nines and in attendance at the 36th annual BILD Awards, which recognizes excellence in sales, marketing, design and construction of new homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). As we had previously written, we were excited – and honoured – to be nominated for Best Digital Marketing Campaign — for three of our most exciting projects to date, in addition to Best Sales Video and Best New Community, Planned or Under Development for Queensville.

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    Wood Mid-Rise Is On the Rise

    Last week, BILD held a seminar to discuss the technology, challenges, and benefits of 6-storey wood construction. Architects and builders have been grappling with some of these issues since the amendments to Ontario’s building code to allow mid-rise wood frame building took effect in January of last year. It’s without question a huge improvement in our industry, as building similar structures using concrete is both expensive and grossly inefficient. Mid-rise structures are desperately needed along many of the major streets here in Toronto.

    AI Video Development Is The Future Of Content Sharing

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    AI Video Development Is The Future Of Content Sharing

    It’s no secret that video is the king of shareable online content. Larger media publishing brands, like Mashable – for example – have been rolling with this trend, and developing daily, timely, and relevant video content that is generating unprecedented levels of engagement. In fact, Facebook reported, as of early January, that its platform has over 100 million hours of video watched each and every day.

    AI Video Development Is The Future Of Content Sharing

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    Cardboard Offers Innovative Solutions For Brands

    Virtual reality - as cool or it is - definitely isn't for everyone. For one, it isn't free, which can limit the audience. Dependent on the system you choose to go with, there's a headset to purchase, and customtized experiences take engineering and programming to develop; however, the rise of Google Cardboard, offers a huge opportunity for brands.

    BILD Award Nominations

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